Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Days for Hannah and Kayla

Kayla and a few of her friends from K-2

This is where to find Kayla before her day begins

A jump that won her second place!

Hannah and her friends...1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

Kayla's social circle is ever-expanding. School means lots of new friends. This morning she received a call from one of her friend's mom inviting Kayla for a sleep-over tonight. Although it was 8:00 am and the sleep-over doesn't start until 4:30 Kayla quickly packed her bag and went outside to the chairs in front of the house to wait. It took a good deal of convincing that waiting there to go to Sherlynn's house was going to be way too long.

Hannah had a big day at the school's Athletic Day Activities yesterday. Sort of a giant intramural track and field day. I was surprised to see she had entered the high jump and long jump. Neither seems to be a natural fit. And who would have guessed that five hours later she had five each for each event she entered. Her high jump was really pretty impressive. I think she was clearing a height that was just about at her shoulders.

This coming week both Hannah and I are on trips. Hers is the 7th grade spiritual emphasis retreat and I am on a 12th grade environmental science field trip. Both our trips are 3-days long and hopefully I'll have some interesting news to post next week.

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