Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Cycling in the rice fields
Wow! That white body sure stands out against the green rice

The Kecek Dancers...more impressive live than in photos

Dancing on the coals and fire

This is the kind of path / road we were on most of the time

5 happy campers and one scowling tough guy!

Kayla's been lovin' having her big sister around

Again, 5 happy campers and a tough teenager. You can't tell
it maybe from the pictures but he really did have a good time

I love the crashing surf in the background

Cartwheeling in Bali

At the end of a boogie-board run

Yes, I did actually learn to surf on a beginners board
but it still felt great!

Ben, working on the tan

Yes, that's her personality coming through

Comparing tans

Extreme Boogie Boardin'

My girls!

We are in the midst of vacation-cramming. That means after years and years of summer holidays beginning June 1 and lasting until early/mid August we now have a mid-June to mid-July holiday. Seems pretty short but how can I complain when many people don't get that much time and millions around the world wish they even had a job. And besides, the vacation-cramming has been fun.

Rebekah Joy arrived while we still had a week of school. That gave her some good time to get over the jet lag and get ready for our summer plans.

Last week the cramming started. We flew to Bali on Monday and spent 4 nights at the beach. Surfing, boogie boards, and just playing in the huge surf was great. The beach was massive. Sunsets were excellent. And, of course, the waves were unlike anything we have enjoyed before.

Then it was on to Ubud, another town in Bali. Another world, too. Ubud was my favorite. We did bicycling, white water rafting, took in cultural dances and music. The dress and food and scenery reminded us every minute that we were not in Kansas, nor even Jakarta. The only disappointment was that I didn't take the camera on the white water rafting. I thought there would be no opportunity to take pictures and only opportunity to damage the camera. So, the most spectacular scenery is missing.

Enjoy the photos. We are resting up at home now. That really means lots of small day trips. Like today. The girls and Rebecca all went in to Waterbom, a water amusement park. Tomorrow I think they go ice skating and movies. On Monday we're up to a mountain villa and safari park for a couple of days and then back home to get Rebekah Joy on her flight.

I guess I should say that while the girls are out ice skating and water sliding and other such things, I'm getting in 18 holes of golf every morning. And when I say morning, I mean I'm teeing off at 5:45 am. That way I can be done by mid-morning and have time to work a bit in my office to get ready for the new school year.

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